Kids Outdoor Furniture

These days’ kids seem to want their own furniture apart from their own bedrooms. And when it comes to the children of Perth, they are no different, every parent loves to provide their kids only with the best, and hence there is always a need for something new. Hip Kids is a brand that was started by one such mother, along  with her husband. This brand began 8 years ago when a normal mother realised the lack of unique toys and gifts in the market. She usually found products online to be over priced if they were unique, so her aim was to start a business to offer moms a more practical option of a range of products that were unique, beautifully made, safe and of course fun for kids.

kids outdoor furnitureAll of the Hip Kids products can be conveniently purchased online and delivered Australia wide. The team of Hip Kids has spent countless hours in researching and sourcing children’s products from manufacturers from around the world that are gorgeous, funky, unique, not easily found in chain retails and well-priced as well. Hip Kids has a wide range of outdoor furniture for kids as well from sofas to table sets. In fact all their products meet the Australian safety standards and all the paints are non-toxic. From kids tables & chairs to cubby houses Hip Kids has a wide range of products made especially for the children.

Deals Direct is another place that is perfect for those who would love to buy something special for their kids. Whether you are looking for a play gym, pool, toy house or even furniture, Deals Direct has a wide range of options for children to choose from at super bargains. If you are looking for a deal breaker then this is the place for you.

IKEA has a special range of furniture just for kids too and considering they are a global brand you will be able to find their products all over the world. IKEA’s set of furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground. IKEA is one of the best places to choose your outdoor furniture from including your kids as  well. Mammut is a brand that is offered by IKEA that is best suited for kids all over the world and can be used indoors and outdoors.

For those of you who thought that Toys R Us were only manufacturers of toys, you will be surprised to know that they also have a range of kids furniture both indoor and outdoor. They have some lovely sets of picnic tables which are most ideal for children to have a little tea party of their own when the adults are enjoying themselves.

Big W is another popular store in Australia that has almost anything and everything that you  could wish for including outdoor furniture for kids. You will find an awesome collection of products at their online site.

Masters and Bunning are two more shops who offer a range of outdoor furniture products that can be used for kids as well. Although they may not be solely for children, they can be utilised for them too.