Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan is the name given to the 600 species of palm in the tribe Calameae which is native to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. Raw rattan is processed into several products to be used as materials in furniture or basket making. There are various species of rattan and it is considered to be a very good  material because it is lightweight, durable, and suitable for outdoor use and to an extent also flexible. They are extensively used in furniture making and are very common mainly for outdoor furniture use thanks to their ability to survive almost all weather conditions.

Rattan furniture is quite popular among the people of Australia since they are familiar with the use of outdoor furniture more than anyone else. Due to the climatic conditions in Australia most of the people would prefer to entertain their families and friends outdoors rather than indoors. And there are tons of stores that offer a  wide array of outdoor furniture especially the kind that you are looking for.

rattan outdoor furnitureUrbani Furniture is one such place, they offer a more modern and stylish approach to their collection of furniture’s and furnishings. They are one of the leading providers of outdoor furniture’s which can be delivered directly to your home. You can choose from a wide range of elegant and stylish designed wicker furniture, outdoor tables or chairs and outdoor lounge furniture in Perth, Australia. The furnishing they offer come in different styles and shapes which allow customers to choose pieces that go with your already existing set up. You may be surprised by the quality of furniture that Urbani Furniture has to offer, if you want fantastic outdoor furniture at amazing prices then they are the people to reach out to. Durability is another top priority of Urbani Furniture, along with comfort and style. Most of the furniture pieces at Urbani Furniture are UV resistant, and are made with the infusion of rust proofing materials.

Another popular store that supposedly has it all is Masters, including their wide range of outdoor furniture which also has a series of rattan made furniture’s. Their series of outdoor furniture’s pretty much has everything that you need to create the perfect entertaining area for your outdoor space. You can also find a wide range of timber, wicker and metal furniture’s. If you do not have a set theme in mind then do take time out to visit their store and browse their collections of sofas, tables, deck chairs and lounge settings. You can choose from a large stock of the perfect dining table that is ideal when you want to host a large gathering or some stylish sofas and coffee tables for that perfect evening outdoors and if that isn’t enough their lounge chairs are the best for relaxing by the pool in the Aussie summer sun.

Other popular spots that have a good collection of rattan furniture’s are Living Vogue, Archipelago Living, Comfort Style, Direct Outdoor Furniture and Segals.